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Travis and some of his glorious creations

Filmmaker, writer, YouTuber, ‘unhinged bastard’. Travis Betz, 36, is a household name in many indie-horror circles, famous for his films The Dead Inside, Lo, Sunday and Joshua. His films, which can be described as mashups of genres blended into a melting pot of horrific fun, have all been well-received by the public and critics alike, some even considering his films as possible cult classics. His YouTube videos have also created a buzz since his first video, Count Me from 2006, a video Betz explained came to be as a result of boredom whilst working as a receptionist (hence, his YouTube username, The Receptionist)



In the days after the premiere of the Evil Dead Remake, which has been well-received by those fortunate enough to see it, many fans worry that the horror genre, already filled with remakes and sequels/prequels will be filled with even more.

Most old-school horror fans will probably gasp at the mention of anybody loving a remake more than the original. Personally, I believe some films just turn out better when they’re re-made.

Here are some of my favourite remakes.


In an interview with the website Bloody Disgusting, actress  Ashley Bell confirms that her newest film, “The Last Exorcism Part 2” might not be the final installment of the franchise (why would someone have a “last last” exorcism anyways). She stated in an interview by Bloody Disgusting that  “There’s a wait and see approach, but yeah there have been [discussions]. There’s a twist at the end [of Part 2] that is literally so shocking! I would love to step back into my Doc Martens for a third time.

Since the exorcisms apparently don’t seem to work, perhaps try a chiropractor?…


After a cold January month blistering my skin and weakening my breathing, I believe it is time for the very first Horrific Round-Up! In these posts I will be discussing the most interesting stories of the past month.


Obama allocates $10,000 fund to researching the (possible) link between violence in the media and real-life violence….


After NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre blamed violent media for the Newtown Shootings in late December (which is interesting, considering they made a video game that teaches you how to correctly use a gun), the discussion on video games and violent films’ impact on real-life violence has yet again sparked. These debates have been around for a long time, but escalated after the Columbine Shootings, where the families of many of those affected even sued video game developers, claiming their products helped “bring about the killings”. Now after the Newtown shootings, the debate has yet again risen, and this time President Obama has responded to it by allocating funds to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to research the (again possible) link between violent media and real violence.

…but the public seem to not care, as horror films top the box office numbers in all of January.


An ironic counterpoint to Obama’s actions are the box office numbers, where horror films are topping the charts both in the UK and the US. The big surprise film of 2013, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters climbed its way to the top of the US charts, earning $19,690,956 in their opening weekend only, despite horrible reviews. On the box office list of most-earning films in all of January, Hansel and Gretel comes in at 3rd place, with horror film Mama ranking at nr 1, A Haunted House in 4th and Texas Chainsaw 3D at 4th place.

Americans apparently think video games are a bigger threat to America than guns according to a Public Policy Poll


The remake of Evil Dead gives horror fans the shiversImage
Rough night?

One of the most anticipated horror films to come out this year, the Evil Dead remake (though also rumored to be a sequel), is stirring up online after a horrifying red-band trailer was released on January 3rd.

It recently got rated R (no surprise there), and is set to be released earlier than expected (in the UK, the release date is as planned, 19th of April).

2013 is going to be just as unoriginal as 2012
Because who doesn’t like going to the cinema and having a chainsaw slung in their face?

You guessed it – LOADS of remakes/sequels/prequels. We have already seen Night Of The Living Dead: Ressurection and Texas Chainsaw 3D so far this year, so here’s a list of some of the films that will torment you the rest of the year…whether that torment is due to horror or unoriginality only time will tell.

Evil Dead (Remake)
Insidious: Chapter 2 (Sequel)
The Last Exorcism Part II (Sequel)
Carrie (Remake)
World War Z (Based on the book)
Paranormal Activity 5 (no need to explain this one)
Scary Movie 5 (…they should really stop franchises after film number 4)

Guess that first ‘last’ exorcism didn’t work out…perhaps consider a chiropractor this time?

The Walking Dead Continues To Be Amazing
Fans have been anticipating the return of The Walking Dead on television, after a mid-season break that ends tonight (February 10th), and after looking at the teasers from the episode, it looks like fans will not be disappointed.

AMC has now also confirmed that the production of Season 4 of the series is set to begin in May, and premiere in October this year.

Stay tuned for more horror news!
Until then, have a horrific day!