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Travis and some of his glorious creations

Filmmaker, writer, YouTuber, ‘unhinged bastard’. Travis Betz, 36, is a household name in many indie-horror circles, famous for his films The Dead Inside, Lo, Sunday and Joshua. His films, which can be described as mashups of genres blended into a melting pot of horrific fun, have all been well-received by the public and critics alike, some even considering his films as possible cult classics. His YouTube videos have also created a buzz since his first video, Count Me from 2006, a video Betz explained came to be as a result of boredom whilst working as a receptionist (hence, his YouTube username, The Receptionist)



As a content creator at YouTube (which is just a fancy way to say I post videos of myself talking whenever I got the chance to), I often find myself on quite the  ‘YouTube’ spree. Now, what I mean with this is simply meaningless browsing – I press a video I want to see, then I look at the sidebar and just press random videos until I don’t even know where I started. Now, this often leads to nothing  but time badly spent, but once every now and then I’ve managed to find gold buried in the vast oceans of YouTube, in between cat videos, people falling on skateboards and Ellen DeGeneres. Here’s some of the gold I found: