With the final episodes in Season 3 of The Walking Dead approaching, reruns are right around the corner. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have not watched The Walking Dead for some reason (for your own sake, I hope it isn’t because of the PTC  still arguing that the show is too violent) to start doing so.

Here are 10 reasons why you should watch it:

1. The zombies are “scientifically correct”

28WeeksLater2ES_468x271 18870-the-walking-dead-the-walking-dead
28 Weeks Later versus The Walking Dead.

As much fun as the running zombies in 28 Days Later and Dawn Of the Dead were, scientifically speaking, having zombies running would be impossible.
The reason for this is rigor mortis which would prevent a human body post mortem to have the ability to run- in other words, a  chemical change in a body after death leaves a body stiff and hard to move, which is why it is unlikely for a zombie to run.

Yes, I know forensic things…and yes, I used to watch CSI.

2. The lack of ‘damsels in despair’

We all know the stereotype – beautiful girl in her 20s with stragetically ripped clothes who always manages to trip when running away from whatever is chasing her.
Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 17.26.06
Scary Movie (2000) knew what ridiculous horror film stereotype to make fun of.

Since the late 70s, these women have been the first victims of almost every single slasher/serial killer film to get murdered in the most brutal ways.

Yes…this is an actual film.

A treat for the guys, perhaps, but to most these women just end up being the most-hated characters that we’re glad will not be part of the rest of the film.

In The Walking Dead however, these women are swapped with strong, real women, with insecurities and problems of their own, but with stamina and bravery to weigh up for their sometimes unstable and ignorant nature (fans of TWD, admit it, Andrea is more annoying than Carl).

Nothing bad can be said about Michonne. Samurai sword instead of guns and ‘pet zombies’ leaves her as the most badass woman in The Walking Dead to date.

3. The special effects makeup will blow your mind 

‘Bicycle Girl’, one of the first zombies to be featured in TWD, and certainly one of the most memorable.

From simple and creepy to utterly grotesque and extravagant, is it one thing the crew of The Walking Dead is good at, it is zombie makeup. Unlike zombies in other franchises such as 28 Days/Weeks Later or Dawn of the Dead, the zombies are ‘naturally ill’ and never computerised.

Zombies from Dawn of the Dead (1978) – deadly virus or food poisoning?

Red eyes are swapped with rotting yellow ones, bubbling skin is replaced with flesh melting off. What is even more interesting about their makeup is their creativity, as show in a behind the scenes featurette from season 1, where they use oats to create the blobs on their skin to make it look rooting. They even made a tutorial ‘on a budget’ for the average zombie fan to turn their face beautiful (interpret that as you wish).

4. The soundtrack is more beautiful than you would imagine it would be

The Mercy Of The Living by Bear McCreary – certain to leave you filled with shivers (or as I ended up, teary-eyed).

If you haven’t heard the soundtrack yet, I highly recommend you listening to it. Instead of going for morbid, ‘Exorcist’-style suspence music, The Walking Dead uses both instrumental pieces by Bear McCreary,  know for his work in films like Battlestar Galactica, as well as songs by artists such as Wye Oak and Clutch, which create a beautiful contrast to the horrifying zombies, whilst reminding the viewer of the human
aspect of the series.

Civillian’ by Wye Oak reminded us of the characters and their stuggles outside of the zombie apocalypse
in the midst of madness.

5. The characters most people hate usually end up dead

….those of you who have watched TWD, you know who I’m talking about.

6. There’s plenty of action

This guy is the Megatron of TWD

For those of you who like the ridiculousness that is Michael Bay, The Walking Dead manage to squeeze in both explosions, fire and lots of guns to keep your hunger for testosterone well fed, and by season 3, the main characters will start turning the guns on each other  (whilst complaining on lack of ammo when fighting zombies…oh, the irony). As previously mentioned though, there aren’t any naked girls in it…the women in The Walking Dead, however, seem more equipped to fix your car than Megan Fox’s character in Transformers ever did.

Humans vs Humans

7. Even if The Walking Dead was made in 1995, it would still look good

Like this newly viral YouTube video suggests.

8. The cinematography is beautiful


Future film directors and cinematographers, pay attention! From the intro to the barn fire to a knife resting in front of a man taken captive, The Walking Dead uses plenty of interesting camera angles and perspectives to create the mood of a zombie apocalypse in a way many zombie directors fail to do. Not only do they never let a sunny day get in the way of creating a creepy atmosphere, but also manage to use small things as symbols of not their present predicament, but the future’s as well. The intro especially, as seen below, is brilliantly filmed, containing small details that have an important part in the episodes of the season, details you might not even pay attention to until the very end.

Remember the flower?…

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 18.46.59
Does the way the glass is shattered remind you of something?

9. Besides the zombies issue, the characters still struggle with normal issues

Love, hate, jealousy, despair, anger, regret. The emotions we all go through in our lives are still explored, even if the zombie apocalypse is happening right outside their windows, the issues one might believe to vanish with an apocalypse. Truth is, the emotions we all experience in life, both good and bad, are embodied in our spirit. We laugh and we cry, we stand strong and confident and we break down into pieces, we live, we die, and sometimes, end up somewhere in the middle (no pun intended).


Family Matters

Friendship & jealousy


Emotions are a human condition, and we can’t help but cradle them regardless of our situation. Those suffering will, eventually, smile, and those fortunate will cry. And what a wonderful thing it is to relate to the characters in The Walking Dead, besides the zombie part of it.

10. Norman Reedus

Enough said.

In conclusion, The Walking Dead lacks the elements we are tired of seeing in a horror series/film, and adds all the things we love.

What’s are reason for watching/not watching The Walking Dead?

  1. bimalmirwani says:

    Great post bud! Keep up the good work!

  2. Alick says:

    The walking dead is epic, you have 2 number 2’s :p Nice article….

    Spoiler alert…

    What do I do with the Zombie Merle pic I have? :p

  3. kashtonbutler says:

    I love the Walking Dead. Love it! And the soundtrack is just fantastic, my favourite addition to this season was the inclusion of “hold on” by the wonderful Mr Tom Waits. Just perfect in my opinion! Great article.

  4. Rudi says:

    Ahh the music is great, Civillian by Wye Oak is wonderful. Awesome show and again good blog post from you. Keep up the good work..

  5. Spoock says:

    Very good blog post. Funny to see how they do the make up.

  6. Very interesting.

    I love The Walking Dead – it’s possibly my favourite TV show and for all the above reasons too. The zombies are fantastic and despite the belief of many, the acting is pretty good. Absolutely gripping as well. The finale to the current season should be fantastic.

  7. BEST SHOW EVER STOKED FOR S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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