In the days after the premiere of the Evil Dead Remake, which has been well-received by those fortunate enough to see it, many fans worry that the horror genre, already filled with remakes and sequels/prequels will be filled with even more.

Most old-school horror fans will probably gasp at the mention of anybody loving a remake more than the original. Personally, I believe some films just turn out better when they’re re-made.

Here are some of my favourite remakes.

Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Zack Snyder, director of films such as 300 and Watchmen, took on one of the most beloved films in horror history and made it his own. Action-packed, intense and with a brilliant soundtrack, Snyder even managed to get the respect of some of the the old-school DOTD fans (myself included).

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Foreign director Alexandre Aja did what many directors would never dare to do – take on a Wes Craven film. But boy, did he do it well! Many believed this to end up nothing but a disaster and a work of art ruined by modern film, but Aja managed to scare audiences even more than the original ever could.

The Ring (2002)

Based off of the brilliant Japanese original from 1998, Ringu, Gore Verbinski (now famous for directing the first three films in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise), managed to take Hiroshi Takahashi’s masterpiece and give Europe and the US the shivers – big time! Not only was this remake close to perfection in many ways, but also introduced many to horror from Japan, one of the countries famous for their horrifying and ground-breaking horror films.

Halloween (2007)

One of the most controversial remakes, both loved and hated by critics and the public alike. Unlike the original, director (and not to mention extremely talented musician) Rob Zombie  directed the remake of one of the most famous horror films ever created, but unlike the original, Zombie decided to look at the origins of the characters and give even the hardcore Halloween-fans something new in a story everyone thought was already finished.

  1. Tommy says:

    Agree with your list. Dawn of the dead is one of my favoritt films. You should see Let me in, great remake from the orginal swedish movie La den rette komme in.

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