As a content creator at YouTube (which is just a fancy way to say I post videos of myself talking whenever I got the chance to), I often find myself on quite the  ‘YouTube’ spree. Now, what I mean with this is simply meaningless browsing – I press a video I want to see, then I look at the sidebar and just press random videos until I don’t even know where I started. Now, this often leads to nothing  but time badly spent, but once every now and then I’ve managed to find gold buried in the vast oceans of YouTube, in between cat videos, people falling on skateboards and Ellen DeGeneres. Here’s some of the gold I found:


BlackBoxTv’s latest video, ‘Zombie’.

BlackBox TV was founded in 2010 by director Tony E. Valenzuela, and is a YouTube channel that features horror and sci-fi horror shorts. From 2010-2011 the channel posted short films without relation to each other, starring famous YouTubers such as Philip DeFranco, iJustine and Tobuscus.

One of BlackBoxTv’s first and top rated short films, ‘Not Tonight!’, featuring famous YouTuber Onision.

In 2012 Valenzuela launched the series, Silverwood, a ‘Twilight Zone meets Twin Peaks’ series which was funded by YouTube, with CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker as the executive producer. He later created Silverwood: The Final Recordings as a follow-up of the series.

Trailer for Silverwood .

The Receptionist/ Travis Betz

‘Love song for a Zombie apocalypse’ from Betz’s full-length film ‘The Dead Inside’.

Filmmaker Travis Betz, known on YouTube as The Receptionist, won Kia’s search for the next YouTube star, and has since then made both feature films and shorts on YouTube. His videos often mix horror with comedy, and once in a while, lots of paper.

One of his many ‘paper shorts’, ‘The Underdog’.

His feature films, including ‘Lo‘ and his newest film, ‘The Dead Inside‘, have both been well-received by the public, as well as websites such as Bloody Disgusting,  and his YouTube channel with a range of different videos has as well got a lot of attention over the past few years. He was also a public favourite when he entered David Lynch’s music video competition, with his contribution ‘Dead Bird’.

Music video for the song ‘I Know’ by David Lynch

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